Dozens intellectuals sign appeal regarding the referendum and the manipulations that have turned it into an anti-European movement

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Dozens of Romanian intellectuals, among whom Andrei Cornea and Vlad Zografi, political scientist Vladimir Tismaneanu, religion historian Andrei Oisteanu and actor Marius Manole, have signed a public appeal against the pro-referendum campaign, which has turned into an anti-European movement, undermining the national interests, informs.

The 39 signatories are professors, actors, researchers and writers.

“What seemed to be a homophobic mobilization has turned into the amplest anti-European movement since the middle of the ‘90s,” the signatories say.

They also request a parliamentary committee to investigate the manipulations.

“We, the signatories of this declaration, request the establishing of a parliamentary committee to investigate the manipulations that have turned the ‘referendum’ into a movement aiming to undermine the national interests of the Romanian state. We invite the organisations and the persons dedicated to a European future to show solidarity and to express themselves against this fraud of national proportion against our fundamental values. Europe, democracy and human rights are the only right path to follow for Romania,” the document reads.

The list remains open to signatures, the same source informs.

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    I would like to sign the list

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