Dozens protest at Cotroceni Palace calling for President Iohannis’ resignation, Liviu Dragnea’s release from prison

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Several dozen persons protested Sunday afternoon, in front of the Cotroceni Palace, requesting the resignation of President Klaus Iohannis and the release from prison of Liviu Dragnea.

The protesters chanted slogans against the head of state, carrying banners with messages such as ‘I am Liviu Dragnea, too’, ‘Down with the parallel state’ and ‘Liviu Dragnea – political prisoner, Freedom.’

Some protesters carried national flags.

The rally was organized on the social networks, under the call “Iohannis, resignation! Dragnea, freed! Appeal to patriotism!”

“This is only for true patriots!!!!!! Our forefathers did not fight in vain for the country, from the great rulers to Liviu Dragnea! Liviu Dragnea freed!!! Down Iohannis the traitor/ the impostor/ the dictator!!! Let’s close ranks and show the Saxon that these lands are not his and not allow him to break the country away!!!” the organisers wrote.

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