Draft bill: Life sentence for people who kill policemen and gendarmes on mission

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Liberal MP Florin Roman has filed a draft law in the Senate, proposing life sentence for people who kill police officers and gendarmes on mission. His action comes after a policeman from Timisoara had been been killed on mission last week while he was chasing an offender.

The Liberal lawmaker argued that the staff shortage and the under-financing of the public order system represent a cause for which policemen are injured or even killed while they are on mission.

“The public opinion has found out in dismay lately that there have been a lot of cases of murdered or injured policemen on mission, but also about the defective arm equipment of the police officers. The National Policemen Trade Union considers that one of the main reasons favoring these dramas are the under-financing of the public order system, the staff shortage (that mounted even to 25 per cent), but also the scarce logistics equipment of the policemen who are going on missions without the necessary protection means“, deputy Florin Roman pointed out.

Marcel Ionel Lepa, the man who killed a policeman in Timisoara one week ago, has hung himself in his prison cell in Popa Sapca Penitentiary this morning.


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