Draft: The ‘heroine mother’ title revives

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Social Democrat deputy Ninel Peia tabled a bill granting a life annuity for the women who have three or more children. The allowances will range from 30 to 50 pc from the average net salary, which would range from RON 630 to RON 1,000.

The draft stipulates that the women who gave birth to three children will receive 30 pc from the average net salary. Women who have four children will get 40 pc, while the ones who have five or more children will get a life annuity of 50 pc from the average net salary. Moreover, the last category with 5 or more children will also receive the ‘Heroine Mother” medal and title.

A similar rank was also granted to mothers of five during the communist regime.

The initiator also said that the allowance would update according to the value of the average net salary, and would not take into account other incomes of the family. The allowance will not be taxed. The women who would like to receive it will have to file a written request.

“I believe that a woman who gives birth, raises and educates three or more children can be named Heroine Mother (…) Our statehood depends on the number of the population. There are studies showing that there will be only 16 million citizens in 2050 in Romania. We must consider the increase of the birth rate. I think it’s a matter of national importance so that we should not disappear as people,” initiator Ninel Peia.

Asked if he is not afraid that the draft could be seen as a populist measure, considering 2016 is an electoral year, Peia said the bill gathered enough political support to be voted.

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