Dragnea promises investments of billions of euros

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PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea has mentioned an investment fund of EUR 10 billion within the party’s Executive Committee held on Monday.

The statement comes amid the information that the Government has decided to supplement the budget of the Labour Ministry by RON 43.2 billion from the reserve fund, to pay the pensions.

Labour minister Marius Budai says the budget allotted to the ministry had to be supplemented for new retirement files had been registered. However, the minister insisted that there are no problems with paying the pensions.

On the other side, Liberal senator Florin Citu argues the Government has illegally Okayed waivers from the public finance law to be able to pay pensions from the budget reserve fund.

PSD and ALDE are trampling the Romanian laws to be able to pay pensions from the budget reserve fund, senator Citu from PNL posted on Facebook.

According to article 30, paragraph  2 of the Law 500/2002 on public finances, the Budget Reserve Fund can be at the Government’s disposal to finance some emergency or unexpected expenses of the state and local budget’s main authorising officers (…),” Citu said, adding that pensions don’t represent unexpected or urgent expenses, as they can be planned in time.

The Liberal senator has asked the Court of Accounts to prompt in and even to join the action of a criminal record in this case „to prove that it is not an institution at the ruling power’s beckon call.”

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