Dragnea’s allegation on murder attempt: Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest says no evidence of the alleged stay

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Funny and ironic jokes have also flooded the Facebook page of Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest, the hotel mentioned by Dragnea as accommodating the four foreigners who tried to assassinate the PSD chairman.

Now you can a start a Brand Name Change Process. I would suggest Athenee Palace Hitman Bucharest. For rope cutting ceremony ask for Dragnea Liviu please”, reads one of the comments.

Later on Wednesday, the hotel posted a message on Facebook thanking readers for their messages and stating that there is no evidence of the stay claimed by the politician in the media.

Thank you for all the messages posted today. We assure you that the safety and security of our guests and visitors are of paramount importance, and we have found no evidence of the stay that has recently been alleged in the media.”

I knew that successful people are accommodated at Athenee Hilton Bucharest, who are doing serious business all around the world! These 4  losers, who are not doing their job well, MUST NOT be accommodated at your hotel! Please, pay a little bit more attention when you accommodate people, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE that some incompetents affect your image“, says another one.

Aassassins are impressive. It’s not the killing part that impresses me; it’s that they figured out a way to fit “ass” into the same word twice,” says another comment.

This is the top action movie of the 21st century, funny and silly lol make sure to evacuate the residents of the hotel next time this gentleman visits. Thank you for your stay!“, commented a foreign follower of the hotel’s Facebook page.

Some readers suggested the hotel to sue Liviu Dragnea for dragging its name into this story, while others opined that even though it’s bad publicity, it’s still Ok for the hotel’s promotion.

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