Dragobete – Celebrated by Defence and Interior Ministries, Police and SRI with funny messages


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The institutions celebrate on Wednesday, together with Romanians, the popular holiday called ‘Dragobete’ – the Lovers’ Day, by posting funny messages on their Facebook pages.
Thus, the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) has posted a picture about finding the ‘predestined husband’ for girls in the countryside (photo). It reads: “On Dragobete day, the girls laid basil under their pillow in order to dream about their predestined husband. Today, we conduct more diverse investigations”.
The Interior Ministry has posted a message with a poem by Nichita Stanescu.
The Defence Ministry has posted a quote of love from Anatole France: “Everything is more beautiful when you’re in love and you’re loved. As a flower can’t break into blossom without the sun, so a man can’t live without love.”
Romanian Police has posted a photo posing a man waiting for his girlfriend, with the message: “Surprising the loved one is one of the greatest joys of life.”

Read the significance of Dragobete Day in the Romanian folk culture here.

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