Drivers in Bucharest spend 218 extra hours per year stuck in traffic, survey says

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Bucharest ranks third after Bangkok and Mexico City for the additional time spent stuck in traffic during evening peak hours as a percentage of estimated free flow speed, the latest TomTom survey reveals.

TomTom says that the drivers in Bucharest are spending 218 extra hours stuck in traffic on the average, and 57 minutes per day.

The top of TomTom NV’s ranking of the world’s most congested places is dominated by emerging markets.

On the global jam level, the Romanian Capital ranks fifth, after Mexico City, Bangkok, Jakarta and Chongqing, China. The statistics is related to big cities, accommodating more the 800,000 inhabitants.

The survey shows that the congestion extra level time in Bucharest mounted to 50% in 2016, 7 percent more as against the previous year, with a 90% morning peak and 98% evening peak.

The extra travel time on highways stood at 39% and at 53% on other roads.

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