Drones – not allowed within city limits

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Romanian law currently bans drones from flying within the city limits in Romania and flying outside the city limits is allowed only after getting a certification for the drone and the announcement of the flight, Octavian Isăilă, president of the Institute for Training, Education and Research for Vehicle Systems without Pilot said on Friday, capital.ro reports.

“At this moment, in Romania, flying a drone or an unmanned vehicle, as they are called, it is prohibited within city limits, according to the Government Decision no. 912/2010. If you want to fly it outside the city limits, then you must have the drone identified by the Civil Aviation Authority and to announce the flight to ROMATSA air operations centre,” Isăilă said during the debate on aviation safety, organized by the European Parliament Information Office in Romania.

Asked what sanctions a person who launches a drone within the city limits is facing, he replied that it is a criminal deed.

“However, those who want to sell drones must be certified by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority as sellers of aeronautical products and comply with some regulations provided by the the Authority to those who want to sell such equipment,” Isăilă said.

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