Drought will carry through October

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The heavy drought in southern and southeastern country will go on in October, while the humidity provisions are expected to re-establish only in November, the head of the National Administration of Meteorology (ANM), Ion Sandu told a debate on extreme weather on Thursday.

The southern and southeastern part of the country, as well as northern Moldova have been strongly affected by drought in August and we’ll still be. Large areas are being affected by extreme drought in September and unfortunately October will be as dry as now,” Sandu stated, adding that the summer of 2016 has been characterized by extreme phenomena. While drought prevailed in the south, violent storms were happening in north, center and west.

The weather will be the same in October, too, unfortunately, with high temperatures in the south, higher than the multiannual average, with less rains,” the ANM head said.

Sandu revealed that the average temperature will be still high in November, but at least there will be more rainfalls.

As for December, the first month of winter will be also warmer than usually, but the exact quantities of rains or snowfalls cannot be anticipated for the moment.

However, the main idea is that the extreme weather will be more and more frequent in our country.

In Romania, the extreme weather phenomena will be more and more. I have been saying this for 10 years, each time with different arguments. The climatic changes in Romania are no joke, but it’s an extremely serious matter (…) Population must understand that the adaptation phenomena has to become a necessity, for otherwise no one could survive,” the ANM president said, as quoted by Agerpres.

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