Drunken Irish broke in the Romanian Parliament’s building


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A drunk man managed to enter the Parliament building after jumping the fence and then smashing a building window on Sunday night. He is said to be an Irish citizen, according to official sources.

According to the Capital Police, on Monday morning, around 04.00, the gendarmes guarding the interior of the Parliament notified the 17th Police Station that they had found a citizen who was drunk in the building.

From the first checks, it was established that he would have entered the yard after jumping the fence, and later he would have broken a window and would have entered the building.

The man was taken to the 17th Police Station, and in this case investigations are being carried out under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office of the District 5 Court, the Capital Police states.

According to sources quoted by Protv news, the man was Irish and broke the window of the toilet, then climbed the service stairs to the third floor. At the hearings, he allegedly told the police that he did not know how he got there and that he had the impression that he was in the hotel lobby.

The Irish citizen had allegedly left a party and told police officers he had actually headed to his hotel and that he was to leave for Brasov today.

The Irish was detained for 24 hours, being investigated for violating and damage of a professional headquarters.

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  1. Mr Rearguard says

    In other news. Hundreds of Romanian criminals break into homes of British residents everyday but no one cares about that.

  2. Denis O Leary says

    Any update on the man that broke in,was he charged with a crime?

    1. Alina Grigoras says

      He was released from prison, he is investigated at large for destruction and breaching the official headquarters

  3. Dr cristian says

    Mr rearguard he basically broke in the Westminster

    And the Romanians you are talking about are Roma (gipsies)
    Now sit down as you received a F for your ignorance
    Go to school!

  4. Dr cristian c says

    Mr Rearguer …house of parliament is like Westminster or Buckingham palace, all politicians are there it s the pentagon of Europe dear sir

  5. Dr cristian c says

    Mr Rearguard …house of parliament is like Westminster or Buckingham palace, all politicians are there it s the pentagon of Europe dear sir

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