Dutch ambassador to Romania meets JusMin, voices concern over GEO on justice laws

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The Netherlands is concerned over the emergency ordinances that are amending the criminal codes and which would enable the repeal of some finale rulings, the Dutch ambassador to Romania said on Thursday after meeting the Romanian Justice minister, Tudorel Toader. The Government in Bucharest is allegedly decided to pass these ordinance in an upcoming government sitting.

Dutch ambassador Stella Ronner-Grubacic has shared her view on these concerns to the Justice minister, voicing hope they „will be understood and taken into consideration”.

The ambassador pointed out that she had a satisfying meeting with the minister on the topic of those emergency ordinances and she shared the embassy’s concerns to the minister. “Our concerns refer to an ordinance that would be adopted maybe today or tomorrow and which is related to the amendments operated on the Criminal Code. But this is no novelty. We have already voiced out concerns in the past, it is part of a continuous dialogue and we already had other meetings, not only with the Justice minister,” the Dutch envoy said.

Stella Ronner-Grubacic said that minister Toader had assured her that the amendment on the criminal codes are for Romania’s benefit and will not affect the judiciary system.

Mass media has reported that some amendments to the criminal codes might favour PSD leader Liviu Dragnea in the Tel Drum and fictitious hiring files.

The GEO would practically allow those who got final rulings pronounced by the Supreme Court’s five-judge panels starting 2014 to challenge these sentences, with Dragnea being one of them.

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