EC Oks Romanian Health Ministry’s decision to suspend anti-measles vaccine exports

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The Health Ministry has temporarily suspended the ROR vaccine exports inside the European Union amid the measles epidemic that our country is facing. The ROR vaccine protects children against measles, mumps and rubella.

The European Commission has favorably approved the ministry’s decision, saying it is justified considering the outbreak.

Considering the measles epidemic that our country is facing, but also the discontinuity in the mandatory vaccines supply, the Romanian authorities have notified the European Commission on April 27 over a draft project blocking the vaccine exports so that the necessary doses should be provided to protect the children from Romania,” says a press release.

After examining the draft project, the EC considered that in this particular case the request is justified.

Unfortunately, although the measles epidemic has been announced a year ago, the Health Ministry hasn’t taken the necessary measures and made no vaccine stock to supplement the counties where the vaccine had run short. So we’ve come up to this current situation where health directions from ten counties don’t have ROR stocks,” said Health Minister, Florian Bodog.

The minister also stated that the vaccination law stipulated a stock of minimum 6 months for these products.

5,300 people were affected by the measles epidemic, while 24 lost their lives.




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