EC opens infringement case against Romania over micro hydropower plants in Fagaras Mountains

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The European Commission is opening a new infringement case against Romania due to some micro hydropower plants projects initiated on Dejani-Lupsa and Vistisoara rivers located on the nothern flank of Faragars mountains, WWF-Romania says.

According to a press release sent to our editorial office, WWF-Romania has been informed in an EC’ official letter on June 3 that the European executive is opening this procedure. EC confirmation comes a year and a half after WWF filed two official notifications to the Commission, warning over consistent breaches of European and national legislation regarding water and biodiversity through the authorization and placing these constructions in the European protected areas (Natura 2000).

WWF-Romania also says it has information that the infringement procedure targets other destructive projects on the southern flank of Faragas Mountains, the ones on Capra and Buda rivers.

The environment association said that other similar projects have been illegally approved on the White River in Retezat Mountains or on Bistra Marului, Sucu and Olteana rivers in Tarcu Mountains.

“WWF particularly asks the Environment Ministry to urgently to intervene in this matter, accusing the ministry it has never reacted to the notifications made by WWF and Natura 2000 Coalition.

Tarcu Mountains is a Natura 2000 site, which, together with other 4 national parks and a natural park, is representing one of the last wilderness cores in Europe, streching on an over 350,000-hectare area. Tarcu Mountains was also designated for some protected species of fish, crabs and for their habitats.

WWF and Rewilding Europe are also carrying out an ambitious initiative of rewilding the aurochs in Tarcu Mountains.

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