EC Representation in Bucharest: There is a tendency of using the EU directives as an excuse for following own interests


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The head of the European Commission Representation in Romania, Angela Cristea, said on Tuesday that a tendency to use the EU directives for interests having nothing in common with the community objectives has been noticed.

“We notice there is a tendency to use the European Union directives or the acquis as an excuse to follow interests that have nothing in common with the spirit or the letter of the European legislation and we assure you we take action when we see what in going on. We would not let the acquis be abused for interests alien to our objectives when the legislation was approved,” Angela Cristea said during a conference at the EC Representation in Bucharest.

The statement was made in the context that Expert Forum president, Sorin Ionita, has criticised the way the European directive on money laundering is transposed into the Romanian legislation.

“We have a rather active apparatus for issuing European legislation and we closely follow the implementation of the European legislation, and when we see it is not conducted properly, in the spirit and letter of the law, we have several instruments. You probably know about one of them, is the infringement procedure, used for delaying the transposition of European legislation and we also have the structured dialogues within several mechanisms, the best known in Romania is the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM), whereby we make our position known in the yearly report,” Cristea said.

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