EC warns over high school drop-out in Romania

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The European Commission is warning Romania over the growing school drop-out in our country, which has been on the rise by 6 per cent as against the European average. Statistics also point that only 29 pc of the Romanians have digital skills, while the European average stands at 58 pc, said Katia Berti, Deputy Head of Unit – Employment and social aspects of the European Semester.

She argued that in terms of education expenditure, Romania is lagging far behind, ranking on the bottom of the EU. “This gap is relevant particularly on elementary education. This is a key sector in preventing school drop-out and in enabling equal opportunities for an important segment of population. Early school leaving is on the rise, by 6 per cent compared to the European average. Based on our statistics, only 29 per cent of the Romanian people have digital skills, as against the 58 pc European average. These skills must be improved, it has become a recommendation,” Katia Berti said.

The EU official also stated that Romania has reached a percentage of 17.4% on the poverty level risk, thus at the bottom of the EU. “Besides the monetary poverty itself there are also the pay gaps, mounting to 6.5% more as against the European average,” she added.


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  1. Juan says

    I have over 20 years of Education Evaluation experience. The major problem of Romanian educational system is that it is not a system but a patchwork of previous political regimes or education ministers. Take for example the current education minister who seems to make major reform decisions unilaterally, disconnectedly, or without an objective impact analysis. Metaphorically, reshaping a certain amount of and color of clay means you just have a different shape of the same certain amount of and color clay.

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