E.coli bacteria tracked down in dairy products, poultry meat. One dead child from Argeș had eaten the E.coli infected cheese

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E.coli bacteria was tracked down in about 20 kilos of curds produced by Lactate Brădet company in Curtea de Argeș, Agriculture minister announced on Tuesday. The bacteria was also tracked down in poultry products in a household in Bacău.

Following the case of the babies with E.coli infections, most of them coming from Argeș county, the National Veterinary Authority for Food Safety took samples of the food indicated by the Health Ministry.

So, 337 samples have been tapped from milk, yogurt, curds, poultry and beef products, fruits and vegetables bought from private persons, stores or households. Out of the 194 samples analysed so far, E.coli bacteria, 026 serogroup in the curds from Curtea de Argeș and the poultry from Bacău.

At the same time, the investigations conducted by Argeș Public Health Direction revealed that one of the three children from Argeș who had died at the Marie Curie Hospital had eaten the curds where the E.coli bacteria had been tracked down. The authorities are now investigating if the other infected children had also eaten this type of cheese.

Health Minister Patriciu Achimaş-Cadariu announced in a press conference at the Marie Curie Hospital last week that the cause of illness for children in Arges County had been identified. It is a strain of the E. coli bacteria.
The head of the nephrology Department with Marie Curie Hospital, Mihaela Bălgrădean has confirmed that verotoxin, indicating the presence of the bacteria, was isolated in stool samples taken from children.
“Following a meeting on Thursday with European experts, the causes of the illness have been identified, a strain of E. coli. I repeat the message about prevention, meaning purchase of food from authorised sources, such as pasteurised products, proper washing of fruits and vegetables, heat treatment of foods when required,” said the Minister of Health.

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