Education Minister accuses: The textbook ‘barons’ deal with more than EUR 100m

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Education Minister, Liviu Pop has launched tough accusations against the publishing houses of auxiliary school textbooks.

Minister Liviu Pop said for Antena 3 TV that several publishing houses are making fraud on the account of children, and that the sums that the barons of the auxiliary manuals have dealt with exceed EUR 100 million.

“The textbook barons have collected, in regard to the auxiliary manuals, about EUR 100 million. I don’t know what share is taxed and what the destination of the money is. This is grey to black money,” Liviu Pop said.

“It’s sad that behind this there are the barons who collect large amounts of money and have large wealth, the pupils are the ones having problems, and we don’t have enough money to the state budget to provide free education. Some of the attacks against me lately I suppose they come from this area. I have no means to prove it, I am guessing, but I will release the list of printing houses notified and which have never taken part to the auctions for textbooks, but have always taken part to the sales of auxiliary books,” Pop said.

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