Education minister officially strips Petre Toba, Florentin Pandele from their PhD titles

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Education minister Mircea Dumitru (photo) signed the orders to withdraw the PhD titles for ex-Interior minister Pete Toba and Florentin Pandele, mayor of Voluntari town.

“I signed the orders to withdraw their PhD titles. Further on, it’s their problem what they will do, if they challenge the CNATDCU decision in court or not,” Education minister said.

The National Council for Attesting Titles, Diplomas and Certificates (CNATDCU) decided on October 12, 36 votes to one, that the former Minister Petre Toba and Voluntari Mayor Florentin Pandele have plagiarism the doctoral works.

Petre Toba, former Interior minister in Ciolos cabinet, is on the short list of the dignitaries who would have plagiarized their PhD thesis.

According to the mass media, Toba have allegedly copied over 250 pages out in 390 of his PhD work from various other papers.

The General Council of the National Council for Attesting Titles, Diplomas and University Certificates rejected on September 7 the reports of the military science committee, which decided a week before that Petre Toba and Florentin Pandele have not plagiarized their doctoral theses.

On August 22 the “Carol I” National Defence University recommended that Interior Minister Petre Toba should keep his PhD title, arguing that the minister’s thesis “was useful”.

Subsequently, another committee of the CNATDCU revised the previous decision, saying that Toba’s PhD work is actually “a massive” plagiary.

Former Interior minister Petre Toba has recently filed  a criminal complaint at the Prosecutor’s Office against the members of the CNATDCU General Council, which voted to set up the last technical committee probing into his PhD work, while accusing potential abuse of office. Toba’s complaint is also against the members of the fourth technical committee which decided that the former Interior minister’s PhD work is “a massive plagiarism”.

As for Voluntari mayor, Florentin Pandele (husband of Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea), checks have been conducted on his PhD work following a review made by PressOne, which said that over one third of Pandele’s PhD thesis is copied from other sources. The work entitled “Romania and the new challenges generated by the European integration” was delivered at the National Defence University in 2008. Florentin Pandele has another PhD title obtained at “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy in November 2007.


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