Education, police trade unions threaten with protests over wages issue

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The Federation of the Education Free Trade Unions (FSLI) sent memos to the Prime Minister, to ministers of Education, Finances and Labour, warning over the thorny issues in the systems, particularly the salary cuts, and threatening with protests.

FSLI asks the Government to urgently enforce the remedial actions in the case of part-time state employees who have wages below the minimum salary, but who are compelled to pay social contributions at the level of the minimum salary, according the new Fiscal Code. The part-time employees will cash in incomes lower by RON 200, while those with one-quarter of norm will receive no money and will have to pay the social contributions from the family’s income,” reads a FSLI press release.

The trade unionist also asked the gov’t to amend law 153/2017, saying it promoted new imbalances in the education pay scheme, so an unskilled teacher is actually earning more than a skilled one.

The trade union federation argued that teachers are on the bottom of the salary grid, with the lowest allowances being calculated for them, while the top officials benefitted of the highest ones.

Trade unionists also warned over the job blockage in the system, saying that hundreds of employees will not be able to take their salaries in February.

The Government must think straight before enforcing the strategy of the small talk. Our federation will not make any compromise and will not accept promises that will not be stipulated in laws. The unitary salary law proves to be a failure, as no real talks have taken place. We are asking the Gov’t to be responsible, otherwise it will be directly held accountable for the street protests that some trade union members are ready to kick off,” FLSI leader Simion Hancescu said.

The Government is expected to adopt an emergency ordinance on Thursday to revise the situation of the part-time state employees, whose incomes are lower than social contribution by the new fiscal code.

In their turn, policemen say they will also resort to protests over wages discontents. Dumitru Coarna, Sed Lex police trade union leader, announced that policemen would take to the streets to protest over the salary issue in March, also adding that they contemplate not doing extra hours anymore.
Mrs. Carmen Dan (Interior minister) keeps on lying, the same easy way as Olguta Vasilescu (Labour minister). She doesn’t understand salary law,” Coarna said, adding: “In minister Dan’s view, a policeman must come to work on January 1 and leave on December 31″.

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