4 Convincing Arguments That Will Make You Want to Study in Canada in 2021


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Being a student in college is one of the best periods of anyone’s life. Every period of your life indeed comes with its magic, but actually getting an education in a domain that you love and are interested in can be a truly enlightening experience.

When you study something you have a true passion for and a genuine interest in, everything can be way easier. But besides actually learning new information and having contact with a lot of diverse knowledge, study years are full of friendships, trips, and beautiful moments you will surely keep with you forever.

So, if you are looking for the best country to study in, we recommend Canada. Many people, when they hear about Canada, think about the cold and harsh weather. But those difficult winters are not everything that describes this country. In fact, as a student, you will find many career opportunities here, as well as leisure activities and rich academic life.

So, why choose Canada as the foreign country to study in? Here are four convincing arguments!

Polish Your Foreign Language Skills

Maybe one of the most interesting things about Canada is that both English and French are official languages. If you come from a country where English is the mother tongue (such as the US, the UK, or Australia), things will be easier for you. If not, things will also be easy. There are many Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees where the teaching language is English, so it is a nice opportunity to improve your language skills.

The same goes for French. Even though you might feel you are not so confident when it comes to speaking French, studying in Canada is a great opportunity to polish your French. However, if you do not know French nor have the desire to learn it, you can just focus on your English and it will be fine.

Assignment, Essay, and Research

Canada is a big country and home to some of the most well-known universities around the world. Most of them have large research teams made by both professors and students that aim to innovate a certain sector. The teaching experience is different in a Canadian university and it aims to help students develop their critical thinking, research, and time management skills while acquiring essential knowledge and information at the same time. You will surely get to write an assignment on different topics and even work in a team with fellow students. You can get provided help with university assignment anytime, either from your colleagues or writing professionals that could guide you through the process. You can contribute to the development of new theories or devices, so if you want to do this, studying at a Canadian university is the right choice.


Canada is a country that embraces diversity. As an international student, you might think that the locals or other students will not accept you. We have seen how many violent movements and protests were held across many countries against the diversity of people (for example, LGBTQ+ communities, Black people, and so on). But this is not the case with Canada.

The educational system is an inclusive one and all universities are welcoming international students with open arms. The environment that exists in every campus is a diverse and multicultural one, with Canada numbering about 120.000 international students every year. It is one of the most diverse countries, both ethnically and linguistically, so it is a nice environment to pursue your academic goals.

Good Reputation

Not only Canada, but most universities that are found here have a really good reputation. Let’s start with the universities. Some of them are part of international rankings that evaluate the academic performance, the research options and advances, and many other factors when it comes to teaching and the academic environment. The University of Toronto, University of Montreal, McGill University, or the University of Alberta are all high-ranked universities. And some of them even surpass important universities from the US or the UK.

At the same time, Canada has a good reputation too. The country is known for its low crime rate, thus making it one of the safest countries to live in.

Ending Note

Canada is an extraordinary country with a good reputation and well-acclaimed universities. It is one of the best choices when it comes to academic performance as it has many universities that are high-ranked internationally. Studying in Canada is also a nice opportunity to polish your language skills, but also get involved in research initiatives that lead to innovations.

Bio lines: Michael Turner is a content writer and blogger. He loves traveling around the world and writes many articles on this topic. Michael has two dogs and loves spending time in nature with them.

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