5 Best College Instagram Accounts

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Still wondering what college or university to choose for your tertiary education? How about checking some Instagram accounts to see what life is really like at the places you are considering?

Before applying for a study, you need to do some thorough research on your potential colleges and universities. And that doesn’t only include their website or the things you hear online or offline. It also means that you need to go out there and find every little scrap of information to make your decision process easier. Researching Instagram accounts is a creative idea for that. Here are a few to get you started.

#1 Colorado State University

This Instagram account is literally a bit of everything. The diversity of the content they post is very impressive. It is not one of those boring accounts that post all the same things, low-quality photos, and robot-like captions that barely get any likes. You might need to consider following it even if you don’t plan to study there, just to get some good content in your feed or maybe some inspiration in case you are the manager of the Instagram account at your college or university. With Colorado State University’s account, you’ll see lots of adorable pictures of their mascot, the daily life on campus, #Ramily, their events, and even the scenery local students get to enjoy every day. You should also check out their highlights to see the fun things you might have already missed there.

#2 Liberty University

The Instagram account of Liberty University is well-managed, which makes it a pleasure to look through. Go ahead and visit this account if you need to gather some extra information before applying for a study there. You’ll get a serving of mesmerizing campus shots, portraits of guest speakers, students, and some staff that makes this university a great destination for students. It’s quite evident that even when taking photos of people, they take care to create pictures that would be interesting and appealing to their followers. What’s more, they take the time to brand their photos with their institutional logo, which you can also see as highlight icons. The account is official and recognized by the Instagram team, so you can be sure that all the information you find there is true and can be relied on.

#3 Dartmouth College

Known as the College on the Hill, Dartmouth College on their Instagram account shows you its pride and culture in the students who attend the institution and make it thrive. Their feed can get addictive. Drone shots are abundant here, and they will give you a new perspective on the campus and all the lovely scenery around. The college team definitely takes pride in the location of the institution as they make a lot of shots of the campus, showing how it looks during different seasons. They also explain and celebrate such things as Juneteenth, which makes this account not only entertaining but also informational.

#4 Arizona State University

This university uses its logo colors (yellow and maroon) when designing its feed, which makes the account quite harmonious visually. This one might be of great interest to you if you are anything into sports because Arizona State University develops a lot of its Instagram content around sports and their sports teams’ achievements. Gameday announcements are presented with cool graphics, and all the messages are communicated in a clear and concise manner. For example, just recently, they made a post celebrating the Hispanic Heritage Month, which highlights that this institution supports diversity and leaves no room for discrimination or prejudice within its walls. You might want to read their captions too because it’s not only about visuals here: the comments they give are very useful and can be of informative nature, especially when it comes to upcoming events.

#5 University of Cambridge

This one is among the very best institutions in the whole world, but their Instagram account is also quite something. Apart from the fact that they will soon be hitting 1 million followers, the managers of this account are obviously good with photo editing as most photos here look like they were taken by professional photographers (who knows, maybe they actually were). You can see that the color palette is a bit intensified, but that is what makes their feed surreal and catches one’s attention right away. You can expect to see some lovely scenery Cambridge students get to enjoy every day as well as learn the latest news on what is going on at the campus and with the institution in general. The account style is quite simple, but simple is always great!


Author’s Bio: Janice Smith is a content writer at EssayService who enjoys doing research and discovering little known facts. In her free time, she explores famous schools and their history and publishes entertaining articles online.

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