5 Best Romanian Universities for International Students

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Studying in Europe has always been associated with excellent knowledge and professionalism. Europeans pay great attention to staff training.

This means that universities have been cultivating their reputation for a very long time and continue to do that. European educational certificates are recognized and accepted throughout the world.

That is why their holders now occupy leading positions in the public and private sectors in Asia, the Americas, and other continents. However, tuition fees and boarding costs are quite high. If you do not win a scholarship, studying in Europe will definitely turn into a huge investment.

However, Europe is very diverse. Universities like Oxford and Cambridge with their history indeed charge a lot. Schools in Romania can offer excellent knowledge and skills for half of that price.

Luckily, there is no language problem for aspiring students. Lots of European universities offer English-speaking programs for international students. And this language should not be a problem for a person looking for a degree abroad. However, for those having trouble with writing in English, the WritePaper team and services alike are always ready to help.

For universities in Southern and Eastern Europe, English is the working language, too. Each country has a few institutions with programs for international students. In this article, we are going to cover the best Romanian universities that welcome foreign students. Read more about each of them below.

University of Bucharest

The University of Bucharest has a long history that dates back to 1864. It is the second-oldest educational institution in Romania with over 32,000 enrolled students. There are 18 faculties employing 1,300 academic staff members. They are well-known for active involvement in both research and practice.

The University of Bucharest is a leading Romanian university with a huge academic network. It cooperates with over 50 universities and schools located in 40 different countries. Moreover, it is actively engaged in promoting student exchange. This is done through Erasmus Mundus, Lingua, Tempus. There are also other international educational collaboration programs.

Babes-Bolyai University

This is Romanian largest educational institution with over 41,000 enrolled students. There are also programs for international students. It was established in 1919 but was largely transformed in 1959. Today, the university ranks among the top 800 world’s educational institutions.

It was established by the Romanian scientist and Hungarian mathematician. Obviously, the institution has always been bilingual. Today, the programs here are being taught in Romanian, Hungarian, German, English, and French. Such a multilingual approach makes this university a dream place for students from many countries.

Cluj-Napoca/ Photo credit: Cristi Tohatan/Unsplash.com

Alexandru loan Cuza University

This university is the oldest Romanian university. It was established in 1860 by Prince Alexandru loan Cuza. Today, this educational institution is one of the most reputable Romanian universities. Its name and certificates are recognized throughout the world.

Alexandru loan Cuza University teaches around 26,000 students now. They are enrolled in different programs. These include the following:

  • Philosophy;
  • Law;
  • Theology and more.

The university encourages student exchange and international cooperation. It is a member of the Coimbra Group and the Utrecht Network.

West University of Timisoara

Indeed, this university cannot boast of a century-old history. It ranks 59th in the EECA rating and is listed in the world’s top 800 universities. It makes it the youngest university in Romania to be internationally ranked.

There are different programs that range from Politics to Mathematics. They are taught on the basis of 11 faculties. One of the most notable university alumni, Herta Muller, won the Nobel prize in Literature in 2009.

Transilvania University of Brasov

This Romanian university teaches around 20,000 students who are enrolled in over 150 degree programs. It has 21 research departments with highly trained academic staff.

The University has very strong Engineering, Medicine, and Technology faculties. However, the programs are also available in the fields of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.

The university is considered cheap for EU and non-EU students. The tuition fees range from 800 USD to 5,000 USD per year. Moreover, international students have several financial aid opportunities

Final Words

If you are still reading this article, we hope we managed to debunk the myth that European education is always expensive. The price largely depends on the name, reputation, and history. And countries in Southern and Eastern Europe have cheaper rates. This, in turn, does not diminish quality.

The abovementioned Romanian universities already teach many EU and non-EU students. Graduates with their certificates have excellent chances of successful employment. This concerns both the EU and other countries. Some alumni have already proven their knowledge and skills by landing top positions in the world’s best companies.

The Romanian government is now promoting diversity and student exchange. Thus, international students have a better chance of getting financial aid. This does not make education free. Yet, it definitely helps foreign students in pursuing their educational goals.

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