5 Reasons Artificial Intelligence is Important in Educational Apps


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The education sector today is adopting the use of technology faster than ever. This trend is disrupting the traditional way of teaching and learning by introducing easier and customizable learning techniques that bring both the teacher and student into one platform. Artificial Intelligence is making these new learning methods possible in many ways. Software programmers have developed many AI apps to help teaching experience by educators easier. Students can also take advantage of AI on apps to access advanced learning tools on any subject or assignment. The importance of AI apps in education can be measured in various ways.

Artificial Intelligence apps can help create customizable lessons

Students learning styles are different, with some learning faster than others. Other students do better in certain subjects than in others. When students with different learning styles are put together in one class under one teacher, some of them might lag, especially the slow learners.

AI in education apps is already being used to develop adaptable learning programs that can respond to the specific need of a student. Using AI in education apps, a greater emphasis can be put on specific topics that a student needs improvement. The student can be allowed to learn at their pace while also bringing together students that are at different learning levels to learn together.

Artificial Intelligence is changing methods of learning and teaching in institutions of higher learning. The student can also use AI technology to help make their study experience better. Today, college education is more effective and students can get resources for assignments much easier. Students who need to learn more about AI can access a collection of essays about artificial intelligence on WritingBros. The Artificial Intelligence free essay examples are created to help students learn the best ways for writing essays on technology.

Development of smart courses

Teachers have taught for many years using the traditional course structures but they always have gaps that are difficult to patch. AI is helping teachers and course developers identify areas of significant gaps in courses/subjects and by using this information, the educators can develop solutions for the problem areas.

One method educators are using to detect gaps is to give tests and if many students get wrong answers for certain questions, they take note of this and develop solutions to seal such gaps. The questions can be reframed and the notes updated to help learners understand concepts easily.


Making teaching and learning possible 24/7

The teaching and learning environment is changing fast thanks to significant contributions made by AI on education apps. Students can access teaching materials like textbooks online and offline on handheld devices like smartphones and iPad. Teachers can offer tips on areas students can concentrate more in preparation for the next classroom lesson. They can also monitor student progress to make teaching easier. AI education apps are helping teachers to go beyond the traditional way of teaching and they are now interacting with their students any time of the day.

There is not a single day when a student cannot learn if they want to and their teachers can monitor their learning curve and give them more support to learn better. Teachers can also continually learn new methods of teaching, setting exams, and setting a pace for each student.

Real-time feedback and automated grading

The traditional manual way of marking exams has for many years had many shortcomings. Teachers can mark exams when they are tired, stressed, or suffering mental problems and this can affect the way they mark and grade exams. Being human beings, it’s also possible to have some biases during the marking and grading process.

Software developers have created a solution for this. They have developed apps for marking exams and by using AI technology, teachers can program the apps to mark and give feedback in real-time. It helps eliminate biases, save time and improve quality.

Special needs learners are not left out

Teaching students with special needs have for many years been a challenge. AI on education apps is helping create new ways for special needs learners to learn and interact with their teachers. AI can help teach using voice and other special tools to help assist visually impaired students, those with hearing difficulties, autism, and other special needs.


AI in education apps is helping change the learning environment in many ways. With AI, it is possible to customize lessons according to a student’s learning ability. Teachers and learners can connect 24/7 and learning is now becoming a continuous process. With AI technology, teaching efficiency is improving and education materials can now be accessed widely through various devices. Administration processes are much easier while giving, marking and grading of exams are no longer biased due to AI technology.


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