6 Tips on Writing a Great Academic Help Website Review


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Many factors prevent students from focusing on their studies: a lack of time and energy, a large number of job or internship responsibilities, and personal problems. Insufficient knowledge is a serious issue too. When undergraduates need professional assistance with their papers, they turn to academic help websites. This way, they can meet the deadline and get a great mark.

Before outsourcing the paper, it’s essential to know that a particular company is reliable and the order is safe. Of course, students don’t want to destroy their reputation by submitting a weak essay; besides, the risk of losing the money is high as well. Thus, analyzing the customers’ reviews is the best way to decide which platform to choose.

But what if you are the one who’s going to write a homework help website review? Here are six tips that will guide you in the right direction – follow them to make your commentary as profound as possible.

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See the Review From the Reader’s Perspective

Imagine yourself as a future review reader. What would be important to you? Surely, you would like the comment to be based on in-depth research. This way, it will be more extensive and accurate, and it will emphasize the platform’s strongest and weakest points.

In addition, it mustn’t be vague. After all, it’s not enough to mention that the platform is trustworthy. Your statement must be supported with specific arguments answering the “why” question.

The review should be real and honest. Most importantly, it shouldn’t push the reader in any direction. Remember: your commentary serves a simple purpose – to provide the student with all the information you have so that they will be able to make a weighted decision on their own.

Challenge Crucial Services

Assessing clients’ impressions, it’s easy to see that specific site features play an important role for them. To make your text helpful, review these key opportunities.

For example, many customers want to stay in touch with their writers via direct chat. Therefore, they can describe the instructor’s amendments or offer their perspective at any time. The author will be able to ask their questions too.

Timing is also a necessary detail. Sometimes, students simply don’t have the opportunity to wait for weeks till homework is completed. Thus, if the service offers to finish the assignment in 6-12 hours, then the reader will certainly pay attention to this in your review.

Note what is included in the price of the work – it may be title pages, formatting, plagiarism report, revisions, outlines, and so on.

Check if the site provides writing on a variety of subjects (from philosophy to management) and different types of write paper (annotated bibliography, dissertation, analytical deductive essay, and you name it).

Other essential services are rewriting, editing, and proofreading. Many students are willing to improve their works and free them from mistakes instead of ordering to write them from scratch.

Besides, confidentiality is of great importance since no one wants their personal information to be shared online.

A plus for any platform can be a blog that provides handy yet easy-to-read articles on scholarships, study tools, or step-by-step guides.

Determine the Ways to Make the Site Better 

If during the site’s analysis you came up with ideas on what can be improved, don’t hesitate to share them. Whether it’s adding the writers’ biographies (so that students know who they are contacting), a chatbot to ask a question, or simplifying the design to make it more user-friendly, mention it in the review.

First, the founders of the study help platform are likely to read your feedback and pay attention to your suggestions. Accurate reviews allow companies to make their services better. Secondly, reading your assumptions, students will immediately understand what the site is lacking – perhaps, it will influence their decision later.

In case you have zero ideas for improving the site, well, that’s great. Maybe it has reached its fullest potential.

Find Problems in an Unbiased Way, If Any

Honestly, if your review contains only positive aspects, then it will not be valuable enough. The readers won’t appreciate it because of its artificial tone. Any website claims to have many benefits against the competition and provide the best services. However, if the prices are not affordable or a plagiarism report isn’t provided, then this information is key for the review.

Here are more problems that may appear on websites, so check them out:

    • difficulties with contacting the author, their unavailability;
    • expired deadline;
    • paper’s inconsistency with a client’s requirements;
    • assistance provided on a narrow range of subjects;
    • inability to request for revision.

Stay In a Neutral Position

Some reviews are easy to confuse with ads due to their overpromotional tone. The general comment “This is the best platform ever” is too emotional and not descriptive enough.

Ensure that your commentary isn’t overly critical as well. It should be constructive and accurate – don’t let your bad mood or personal worries influence the text. You should find a balance and avoid words like “fantastic” or “awful” – they stand for emotions, not facts.

Let the commentary be authentic and engaging. To make it credible, choose a conversational manner as if you were telling a story to a friend.

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Proofread Before Posting

If you want your feedback to be valuable, it must be of high quality. What spoils any text? Unnoticed typos, grammar mistakes, poor transitions between paragraphs, and lack of logical structure can weaken even the most profound review.

Another common mistake is writing a commentary in an academic manner. Choose a friendly tone – it always wins.

Final Thoughts

Ordering an essay online can seem risky for some students as they are not sure that the paper’s quality will correspond to the price charged. Also, how can we know that the writers are experienced and their work will meet the requirements? In such circumstances, website reviews are super life-saving.

Firstly, thanks to reviews, students avoid getting into trouble and turning to someone unprofessional. Secondly, they save a lot of time, not having to study the information on their own and check pros and cons.

Taking our simple steps into account, you can write a fair review that will help hundreds of students make the right decision and find a company that will fulfill all their expectations. And remember: sharing is caring.

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