70pc of the parents want physical school classes to be resumed, IRES survey says

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70% of the parents want the school classes should be resumed in the classic format, with all children in the classroom, but one in five would rather opt for the existing hybrid system, while 4 percent want that online school continues, according to a recent IRES survey.

Three quarters of the surveyed parents who have children in kindergarten and in the secondary schools would like physical classes to be resumed in school as soon as possible, while two in ten would like this to happen after the infection rate decreased below 3 per 1,000 inhabitants. 6% consider that physical classes in kindergartens and schools should start after 70% of the population have been already vaccinated.

More than a half of the parents say they are content about the online school. Parents in the urban environment are more content about the online school than the parents in the countryside, and parents who have college degrees and whose children are in the elementary school are also more content about online classes. Parents of high school graders, but also parents who have a basic education are not so content, and they also encounter the highest difficulties in helping their children with the school subjects.

The respondents also pointed out that they are rather concerned with the risk of COVID-19 infection for members of their families (45%), than for the children (42%) or for themselves (37%). Women are more concerned though with their children contracting the coronavirus infection, likewise parents older than 45, who have a low education and low incomes, but also those who are not net users and people living in the rural environment.

The parents of high school graders wish physical classes resumed to a smaller extent, although they are yet the most discontent with the online school. At the opposite side, the parents of kindergarten kids think to a larger extent that physical classes should be resumed as of February.

Over half of the surveyed parents say they would like teachers/educators and support staff in school to take the anti-Covid 19 jab, but 7 in 10 parents say they would send their kid to school/kindergarten even if they knew there were teachers who did not get vaccinated.

Although the most of the respondents want teachers/educators to get vaccinated against COVID-19, almost three quarters of them consider that a teacher who doesn’t get vaccinated is protecting his/her right to health and immunity and almost 6 in 10 that teachers avoid the risks of a vaccine produced with a new technology.

Moreover, roughly 4 in 10 respondents believe that a teacher/educator who refuses the jab does not jeopardize anyone, but also that the same teacher represents a risk for the children he/she is teaching to and their families.

Opinions about the online school

4% of the respondents said that their children had not had online school as of November 8, 2020. A higher share of these parents are young (18 to 34), have a lower education, lower incomes, do no use Internet and have both pre-school children and also pupils. The main reasons revealed for these online classes not being held are the lack of equipment or the lack of an internet connection.

Among the parents whose children have attended the online classes, 53% are very content or content enough about the online education. Yet, 44 percent say they are rather unhappy. Fathers are more prone to be discontent, as well as the respondents with an average education.

What have pupils missed the most during the online classes? The main thing missing was the direct interaction with their colleagues and teachers (45%- direct contact with their mates/friends, and 49% with the teachers).

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