8 Writing Hacks You Need to Become a Better Writer

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Writing is not all roses and sunshine. It’s an exhausting process that would have you biting your nails and crying for your mama at 2am. Not the motivational opener you expected to see, is it? Well, anyone who has ever experienced writer’s block before can attest to how frustrating the writing process is.

However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Even though there’s no magical wand that can transform an 8th grade-level essay writer to J.K Rowling, there are several hacks and writing tips that can definitely help you become a better writer.

Ready? Let’s get into it.

Create the perfect writing environment

If you’ve been facing writer’s block, the problem may not be from your writing skills. Instead, it could be stemming from your environment. Imagine trying to write a novel in a cramped hot room with a crying baby and a cat who keeps trying to bite off your toe. Sounds uncomfortable, doesn’t it?

When it comes to writing, it’s advisable to find a writing spot that works best for you. Call it your zen spot, if you will. However, it should be noted that the perfect writing environment  doesn’t necessarily have to be a library with pictures of authors glaring down at you. It could be a coffee shop or a tiny spot in your room. It all depends on the kind of environment your inner writer connects with.

Make a notebook your new handbag

Ideas are just like rainfall; they can come unexpectedly in strange moments. You could be strolling down the street and suddenly get a brand new idea for a novel you’re working on. But what use is an idea if you’re just going to forget it later?

This is where notebooks come in. As a budding or expert writer, it’s advisable to carry a notebook around for writing down ideas immediately when they come to your head. If you feel notebooks are too archaic, you could use a smartphone or tablet to jot down your ideas. This way, you’d never forget anything again.

Detach yourself temporarily from the outside world

Sure, this seems like the stereotypical image of how writers should be: alone in a creepy manor and shut off from the rest of the world. However, detaching yourself from the outside world is actually a great way to improve your writing skills and become an expert writer. The outside world can be very distracting at times. From family and friends surrounding you to the constant buzz of your cell phone, it can be hard to hear your thoughts over the sound of everything else.

Take some time off from your family and friends and try to stay alone with your thoughts. You could also shut down all your computer and mobile devices if they would be too distracting for you. At the end of your isolation, you’d have come up with an awe-inspiring masterpiece.

Get a trusted critic

Critics can be really annoying. However, they can easily point out what’s wrong with your piece and show you areas that can be improved. As a writer, it’s important to always get second opinions in order to see what your work looks like from a reader’s point of view.

The great part is that you don’t necessarily need to hire a professional critic to proofread your work. Instead, your friends and family can easily get the job done and give you their honest opinion.

Even though you may be proud of what you’ve written, it’s important to accept constructive criticism graciously and take the necessary corrections. This way, you can become a better writer.

Create an Outline

Whether you’re writing a novel, short story or even an article, it’s important to draft a detailed outline before you dive head-on into the writing process. The essence of an outline is to guide you and help with organizing the piece.

It also helps you not to forget any important ideas.

Even though most writers tend to write without an outline, this modus operandi isn’t exactly the best as you can run out of ideas pretty fast and end up writing arbitrarily.

Read it out loud

A lot of writers often get embarrassed when they have to read their prose out loud. However, hearing your words helps you check for many hidden flaws that you may have ordinarily missed. As a writer, it’s easy to stuff your piece with many unnecessary words which end up making it sound watery and pretentious.

Nevertheless, by reading your prose out loud, you can check for proper flow and grammatical errors. Are your sentences grammatically correct? Do they flow naturally? Check for these factors when reading aloud and get rid of any flaws.

Create a writing habit

If you’re trying to improve your writing skills, it’s important to practice daily. Once you set a daily word goal and stay consistent, you’d notice an improvement in your writing skills in no time at all. To make this challenge easier, you could try setting a particular time of the day that’s convenient for you.

For instance, you could choose to write 1000 words everyday, from 9 am to 1 pm. As time goes on, you could increase your daily word goal to 2000 words. This way, you will become a better and faster writer in no time at all.

Mind your language

As a writer, it’s important to constantly check your language skills and point out problem areas. Analyzing and improving your language skills would help you become a better writer.

Try enriching your vocabulary with the help of a dictionary or Thesaurus. This way, you’d learn more words that would help to spice up your story and give it life.

Final Thoughts

These writing hacks sound great on paper and screen but they’re even greater in real life. By applying and incorporating them into your writing schedule, you’d be a writing guru in no time at all. Better still, you can also get further tips from any essay writer free of charge.

Ready to start writing? Grab your pen, notebook and a steaming cup of coffee. J.K Rowling and Stephen King better watch out!

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