AIESEC Bucharest event “Heading for the Future” due April 24-May 20


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AIESEC Bucharest invites you to sign up for a new career guidance opportunity, the AIESEC brand event “Heading for the Future”. In case you don’t know enough about your professional life preferences and you feel unsure about choosing a field, AIESEC is waiting for you to explore!

The “Heading for the Future” event will take place in Bucharest from April 24 to May 20, organized in 2-3 sessions per week in physical mode.

Within the project, you have the opportunity to discover various areas of interest, such as: human resources, sales, business development, IT, marketing, finance. Thanks to the interaction with different companies, you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the professional environment through workshops and simulated work experiences.

At the same time, people from social media will help you develop your soft skills and will support workshops through which you will be able to use existing skills effectively.

You will be certified at the end of the event and you may even have the chance to get an internship/job from one of our partners.

If you want to develop your vital skills for your future career, sign up by filling out the form:

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