Education minister: Schools in Bucharest are preparing for the red scenario

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Education minister Monica Anisie has announced today that the ministry is preparing for the red scenario in Bucharest, after 777 new COVID-19 infections have been reported in the Capital in the past 24 hours. The red scenario means that all classes will be exclusively online. The minister assured that all pupils in Bucharest who filed requests for electronic devices will have tablets to attend the online courses.

Education minister convened a meeting with the school inspectors on the topic of the electronic devices allotted to schools in case of online classes. The promised tablets for pupils had not arrived in any school in Bucharest from the Bucharest School Inspectorate. The minister herself went to the warehouse where the tablets were stocked, giving assurances that the devices will be distributed to schools in all districts on Thursday.

“The tablets will reach schools in the all district of the Capital today (…) 8,057 tablets in the Bucharest School’s Inspectorate’s warehouse have been deposited here since September 26”, Anisie said,

Asked by the journalists why there is such a delay in delivering the tablets, the minister replied  that “during this period, the general inspector and many other employees of the Inspectorate have been in isolation or under quarantine, some of them being infected with COVID-19″.

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