Education minister: Schools to display vaccination rate to consider physical classes. Less term tests, to be taken in December


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There are counties in Romania where the vaccination rate has reached 90%, interim Education minister Sorin Cimpeanu announced in a press conference on Monday. However, within his own ministry, only 66% of the employees have got vaccinated against Covid-19.

The minister argued that as of today, each school must display its vaccination rate among teachers, teaching staff and students on its website.

All county school inspectorates in Romania displayed the vaccination rate at the level of each inspectorate. We have good situations where there are values ​​of over 90%. At the level of each school, the vaccination rate will be displayed on its website, without name, surname and other personal data. But it is normal for parents and students to know, when they go to school, what the vaccination level of the staff at that school is.

This I requested to be made public today.

We have made public the vaccination rate in the Ministry of Education, which is, I admit, below expectations, 66% – 292 employees vaccinated out of a total of 444.

This factor may be taken into account when determining the functioning of the school with physical presence, along with other factors. But this will be agreed with the health authorities,” Cimpeanu said.

Students to take less term tests in December

The Education minister also announced that the number of term tests for the 8th graders and for the high-school pupils had been decreased. The term test will have a 25% share of the final average grade, but the minimum number of marks needed to conclude the final grade has been cut to two.
“We decided to cut the number of term tests. For the 8th graders there will be two term tests instead of three, and for high-schools there will be three term tests instead of four. Pupils will be able to take the term tests starting December 6, 2021,” the minister explained.
Initially, the Education ministry was considering that the winter vacation should be cut for high-school pupils and that term tests are taken right after the New Year’s Eve, during January 3-10.

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