Gov’t pledges EUR 175 M for schools to cope with the COVID-19 epidemic, money for tablets envisaged

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The government has passed an emergency ordinance to allot EUR 175 million for schools to prepare for the school year amid the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic.

Following the approval of the Legislative Council, we will have to make two emergency ordinances. The first (…) is the emergency ordinance earmarking the amount of 175 million euros for the reimbursement of expenses made by local administrations and schools to prepare for the school year. It is a piece of legislation under which we reimburse expenses for the purchase of tablets for students, we reimburse expenses for protective equipment, masks and other individual protective equipment, both for students and for teachers in need,” Orban said at the beginning of a government meeting on Monday.

According to the PM, these expenses necessary for the preparation of schools, so as to reduce the risk of transmitting SARS-CoV-2.

The head of the PM’s Chancellery, Ionel Danca, has announced that the Executive had allotted funds for the purchase of tablets and other electronic devices for around 500,000 pupils, as well as for the purchase of 5,000 sanitary containers with toilets and indoor plumbing. The containers will be located in the schools that do not meet the minimum hygiene standards.

EUR 100 million will go for tablets and electronic devices for the online learning, to serve roughly 500,000 students.

EUR 50 M will be funds to cover the expenses related to sanitary and medical materials, masks and disinfectants in schools, while the rest of EUR 25 M will be used to buy mobile sanitary containers, which will also benefit of EUR 5,000 per container to be connected to the water and sewage systems.

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