Iohannis to students: We need zero tolerance to plagiarism


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President Klaus Iohannis went to the opening of the academic year at the University of Architecture in Bucharest on Monday. It is his first public appearance after the resignation of the Minister of Education Sorin Cîmpeanu, following the plagiarism scandal.

President Iohannis claimed, in his speech, that education laws must include explicit provisions regarding the prevention and sanctioning of plagiarism, a “toxic phenomenon of the educational environment”: “We need zero tolerance regarding plagiarism”.

“If the act of creation is the fruit of freedom, education is the root from which it grows and gives birth to a society with vertical people, able to value their talent and skills, both for personal fulfillment and for the common good.For this reason, I am convinced that we need a deep reform of the educational system, to adapt it to the needs of the 21st century and the European values ​​in which we believe. One of these values ​​is integrity, which is why I want a radical, unequivocal paradigm in guaranteeing integrity and ethics in academic life,” the Romanian head of state pointed out.

“For this, we need zero tolerance regarding plagiarism, and the new education laws must include explicit provisions regarding the prevention and sanctioning of this toxic phenomenon of the educational environment”, Iohannis added.

The president continued that it must be made clear that obtaining an academic degree is an honor and depends solely on real merit. An educated Romania will have to be a fair Romania, without any exception. “I appreciate the attitude of your university towards any attempts at fraud and I want it to be an example of public responsibility for the Romanian academic community“, declared Klaus Iohannis.

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