Kinderpedia and the Association of Private Schools in Romania – ASP announce 2-year partnership for innovation


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Kinderpedia, the digital solution for school management and communication, and the Association of Private Schools – ASP, representing the community of private educational institutions in Romania, have announced a partnership for innovation that will span over 2 years. This partnership will bring resources and opportunities for learning, collaboration and development to teachers and principals in schools and kindergartens across the country. The announcement was made on Friday 29th of September at the National Conference of the Association of Private Schools in Romania, an event that took place in Bucharest at the Sheraton Hotel and brought together more than 270 leaders from 170 private schools across the country.

Evelina Necula, cofounder of Kinderpedia, said, “About half of the participants at the ASP National Conference are users of the Kinderpedia platform. And this honours and inspires us. The partnership we have just announced is a commitment to each of our current users and to the entire community of teachers, educators and principals that belong to ASP. We are on a mission to support private education, which is a driver of innovation around the world. We will continue to provide schools and kindergartens with modern digital tools to help them streamline their administration, accelerate learning and strengthen their communities.”

This strategic collaboration will involve dialogues, workshops, and diverse learning opportunities for members of the ASP community. The two organisations will launch, in partnership, a market research project, which aims to identify the main challenges faced by private schools and kindergartens in Romania and to provide solutions to these challenges, using technology.

Christian Comșa, President of the Association of Private Schools, said: “When we founded the Association of Private Schools three years ago, we wanted to be a representative body for private educational institutions in Romania, but also a meeting point, a space dedicated to the exchange of best practices and ideas. The partnership with Kinderpedia allows us to further our mission and provide the ASP community with access to information, resources, dialogue with experts in various fields and leaders in education. It also helps us to send a clear message about the role of private education, which is to open new pathways to learning, challenge traditional views of schooling and help transform education. Technology is a key component of the future of education and partnering with Kinderpedia allows us to promote it to schools and make its adoption and use easy and accessible.”

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