Kinderunity Market, the first dedicated educational platform for children development in Romania

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Kinderunity platform officially launches the first dedicated Market for kindergartens and parents. Through this market they will have access to customized offers and promotions of products and services dedicated to children.

Kindergartens that use Kinderunity will be able to decrease expenses of educational materials and services by around 22% on a monthly basis. Therefore, kindergartens will be able to reinvest the saved money in educational activities and specific facilities, increasing the quality of services.

“By the end of this year, Kinderunity Market will host more than 150 suppliers. Based on feedback provided by kindergartens, we will select quality offers that have competitive prices. Many kindergartens will discover new suppliers of educational materials and services in our country, thus encouraging sustainable development of Romanian quality products,” said Adrian Sita- General Manager Gentlab.

To strengthen the entire educational process, the Market is also available for parents. Special offers will be available ranging from procurement of products such as organic fruit and vegetables, furniture and educational materials to services such as camps, educational trips, playgrounds, optional courses.

This new feature of Kinderunity’s platform for kindergarten was inaugurated by partnering with Cărtureşti bookstore, which will provide users with various offers, card games and educational toys.

Kinderunity is an online platform developed by Gentlab and which facilitates communication between parents, children and educators, providing a complete set of tools to build the best experience in the early years of the child.

Officially launched on February 24, Kinderunity platform has been implemented in more than 25 kindergartens two months after the launch, resulting in 1,680 users from the end of May. By the end of the year, the company aims to provide the platform to 8,000 users in Romania and have the first customers in the rest of the Europe.

Gentlab is a Romanian company specialized on software development, integration software and enterprise architecture.

Carturesti is a concept store that functions both as a library and a cultural agent that is actively involved in the cultural life of Romania with social responsibility campaigns.–Dccn_ADbh

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