Romania won one gold, two silver and one bronze medal at the International Informatics Olympiad 2022, ranks second “all time” in the competition’s Hall of Fame


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The Romanian students who participated in the 2022 International Informatics Olympiad, organized in Indonesia, obtained one gold, two silver and one bronze medals, announced Professor Marius Nicoli. At the same time, Romania ranks second “all times” in the Hall of Fame of the International Informatics Olympiad, with 123 medals. “We climbed to second place in the ranking of the number of medals won by all countries so far”, says the teacher about this performance.

The results of the four high school students “confirm the efforts made by the members of our community during these difficult years of the pandemic and give us a strong charge for the future”, says Marius Nicoli, computer science teacher at the “Buzești Brothers” National College in Craiova and who accompanied the Romanian team in the Asian country with Andrei Constantinescu, former Olympian and student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich.

Romanian students and their performance

  • Alexandru Luchianov from the International Theoretical High School of Informatics Bucharest – gold medal ;
  • Luca Perju-Verzotti from the National College of Informatics “Tudor Vianu” Bucharest – silver medal;
  • Alexandru-Raul Todoran from “Aurel Vlaicu” Theoretical High School Orăștie – silver medal;
  • Andrei-Robert Ion from the International Theoretical High School of Informatics Bucharest – bronze medal.

The International Informatics Olympiad 2022 was held in a hybrid format. Most countries participated in a physical format, but there are also countries such as Romania (Alexandru Luchianov participated from home), Cuba, Hungary, Slovakia and the United Kingdom that also had participating students from home, according to the official website of the Olympiad.

Countries like Australia, China, Croatia participated exclusively online. More than 350 Olympians had to solve three problems for five hours on each of the two days of the competition, it is also shown on the same website.

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