Romanian language, officially richer with over 3,600 new words. Most come from English and are used on a daily basis


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The Romanian language has been enriched in the last 16 years with over 3,600 new words. Most are neologisms in English, words that we have come to use in everyday speech, even with plural forms.

And the Coronavirus pandemic has contributed to the vocabulary of Romanians with terms like islet or corona-skeptic. All will be found in the new DOOM, which will appear soon.

Adina Dragomirescu, director of the Institute of Linguistics of the Romanian Academy explained: “These are, first of all, English words, some even in the field of television, say breakingnews or fakenews, others are words that circulate in ordinary language – afterschool, takeaway or all -inclusive – or words that everyone uses now, but which were not standardized, neither as pronunciation, nor as writing in Romanian dictionaries. And there are also words that have a Romanian coat, so a Romanian structure, of the accessorized or acidifying type, addressability, advertorial.”

“Remedial”, “selfie” and “prof (from profesor/teacher)” are also among those 3,600 new words to be included in the latest edition of the Orthographic, Orthoepic and Morphological Dictionary (DOOM).

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