Romanian students first in Europe at the International Mathematics Olympiad in Oslo


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The group of Romanian high school students ranked first in Europe and 5th place worldwide at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Oslo, Norway, the best performance of Romanian students in the last 25 years.

The gold medals were won by Radu Dragomirescu (11th grade – n.r.) and David-Andrei Anghel (10th grade – n.r.), together with the silver medals obtained by Andrei Moldovan (11th grade), Vlad-Titus Spătaru ( 10th grade), Radu Lecoiu (11th grade) and Andrei Chiriţă.

The first five students mentioned above are from the Theoretical High School of Informatics Bucharest. The Romanian delegation was coordinated by Assoc. dr. Cătălin-Liviu Gherghe (Leader) and assisted by Marius Perianu (Deputy Leader) and Lucian Ţurea (Observatory).

The first places in the competition in Oslo were occupied by China and Korea, followed by the USA and Vietnam. A total of groups of students from 105 countries participated.

This is the best performance in the last 23 years for Romania, according to the Romanian Mathematical Sciences Society. The Romanian Olympic students won 2 gold and 4 silver medals, cumulating 194 points, which is the highest score of the Romanian team of mathematics Olympians since 1995.

In 1999, however, Romania ranked 4th internationally, with 173 points. We remind you that in 1996 Romania obtained the first place in the world at the International Mathematical Olympiad, with 187 points.

One year ago, Romania ranked 27th nationally at the 2021 International Mathematical Olympiad, with three silver and two bronze medals. In 2020, the national group in mathematics was on the 15th place, at IMO 2019 Romania occupied the 17th position, at IMO 2018 it was ranked 33rd, at IMO 2017 on the 22nd position, at IMO 2016 the 20th position.

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