Study in Romania: Why is it the right choice?

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Studying abroad can turn out to be one of the most enriching experiences you could have. Even though it may seem scary at the beginning, as you leave your friends, family, and country behind, it surely comes with many benefits. Yes, it’s difficult and challenging to go to a foreign country, get to know the local customs and traditions. But it is also a nice experience that helps you prepare for your future career. So, why not choose to study in Romania, one of the most underappreciated countries of Eastern Europe? If you still think it might not be the right choice, read on to discover the amazing things you will discover here, as well as the learning and studying opportunities.

Why Choose Romania?

This is one of the questions that might arise in your head. You have probably heard more about countries such as the UK, Austria, France, Germany, or others. But even though Romania might not be so well known, it has high-ranking universities that are recognized internationally for their efforts of making education as accessible as possible to all students. Many foreign students choose to study in Romania because, besides the wide variety of subjects you could choose from, the cost of living is also lower than in other countries. At the same time, the diploma you get after you graduate is recognized internationally, which is the best thing. There are many universities across countries that offer diplomas that are valid only in the country you have studied. So, from this point of view, Romania is excellent.

Besides the educational opportunities you have here, in Romania you can discover new traditions, new people, and new cuisine. In cities that are big educational centers, you will taste the student life and enjoy the social atmosphere that makes some cities very vivid and hectic.

Admission and Essay Writing

If you want to get an education and study in college, then you can apply to a college in Romania. Some of its universities are part of international tops, so you will surely find here something that meets your desires. The admission process in Romania is not a difficult one. You need to submit your high-school diploma if you want to study for a Bachelor’s degree. If you want to enroll in a Master’s program, you need to submit your bachelor’s diploma. Some universities have lately introduced entrance exams. But now, with the coronavirus pandemic, you may be needed to engage in essay writing and attach it to your application. You can study in languages such as English, German, French, and of course, Romanian. The essay topics are not so complex, but if you need help, you can order pro level essay and get help and support.

Studies Length

Depending on the subject you choose to study, the length of your studies might depend. For example, if you want to study Psychology, a bachelor’s degree would take three years. If you want to study engineering or law, then it would be 4 years. And if you want to study medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine, then you should know that the bachelor’s degree is 6 years.

If you want to enroll in a Master’s degree program, you should know that depending on the subject, it is 1 or 2 years. But most Master’s studying opportunities you will get are 2 years. The same goes for doctoral studies. For the Ph.D., you have a time limit of a few years, as you need to do research and conduct studies to build your Ph.D. thesis.


As a student in Romania, you will need to cover some costs. There are the costs associated with studying, such as the admission and tuition fees. These depend from university to university, but the tuition fee is somewhere between 2000 and 6000 euros per year. Besides these, the costs of living are pretty low in Romania, compared with other countries such as the UK, Germany, or Austria. The monthly accommodation could be between 200 and 400 euros per apartment or a single room in a bigger apartment. The food is cheap, with a meal at a restaurant of about 10 euros. The internet and phone subscription could reach 30 euros per month, but this depends on your options too.

Final Words

Romania is a country that has so many to offer, especially to foreign students who decide to study here. The costs of living are pretty low, the tuition fees are affordable, and the universities here are committed to offering the best learning experience. You have so many to discover here that you cannot miss the experience of being a student in Romania.


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