The two-year faculty might return to Romania to solve the crisis of specialists on the labor market


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An amendment brought to the draft Education laws stipulates that students enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs organized on a full-time basis can complete, with the approval of the faculty council, two years of studies in a single year, except for education specialties such as medicine, law and architecture.

This would solve the labor shortage in many areas. Any faculty can organize such a study program, apart from the faculties of Law, Medicine and Architecture.The jobs for which this two-year study program could be applied are economists, those in the IT sector or for engineers, where those who choose to do the short-term courses will have a engineer assistant degree.

Education Minister Ligia Deca explained in the Education Committee of the Chamber of Deputies that the change was requested by the business environment. Many employers lack qualified staff and say that many jobs can be learned after less than 3-4 years, as long as college now.

The diploma of students who choose this program will not be equivalent to that of a student who completed the studies with the normal program. She will be somewhere between post-secondary education and full university education. Students who after these two years want to continue their studies can stay at the college. The precise way in which this transition can be made remains to be decided, but they will most likely take an equivalency exam and continue with their third-year peers.

Deputies from the Education Commission concluded the debates on pre-university education on Wednesday. Among the changes made is the introduction of religion as an optional for the baccalaureate exam for the human profile.

Among the adopted amendments is also a provision by which the recognized cults will be able to request the organization of a specific theological education in the state faculties. The amendment was proposed by UDMR deputies and adopted by PSD, PNL and the Minority. Thus “recognized cults will be able to request the organization of a specific theological education in state faculties only for graduates with a baccalaureate diploma, proportional to the numerical weight of each cult in the religious configuration of the country, according to the official census”, provides the amendment adopted in the Education Commission.

At the same time, the draft education law, the pre-university education chapter, provides that, in addition to the National Assessment, 8th grade students must take an entrance exam at a high school with the mention that the exam can be organized for 50% of the places, if the high school they opt for wants it.

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