Eight charter flights scheduled to take Romanian seasonal workers to Germany, cancelled

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Eight charter flights expected to carry hundreds of Romanian seasonal workers to Germany should have taken off from Iasi and Cluj-Napoca Airports today, April 10.

Two flights have been cancelled from Iasi and other four from Cluj today, after two previous similar flights had been called off in Cluj-Napoca as well on Thursday.

The measure comes after the eighth military ordinance had come into force and had stated that all air flights will be authorised by the Transports Ministry from now on.

The two flights from Iasi scheduled to fly today had as destination two cities in Germany: Baden-Baden and Nuremberg. The flights have been cancelled, with the airport manager asking the help of police and gendarmes. The workers wanted to leave for Germany for seasonal agricultural works.

Digi 24 reported that other two charter flights to Baden-Baden and Dusseldorf had been cancelled in Cluj, after around 2,000 seasonal workers had been brought in bulk in the airport’s parking, despite social distancing measures in force imposed by the authorities to avoid transmission of the coronavirus.

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