Elena Udrea and Alina Bica released from Costa Rica jail. Former Tourism Minister attacks President Iohannis

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A court in Costa Rica has decided to release Elena Udrea and Alina Bica from preventive arrest, according to ameliarueda.com.

Elena Udrea and Alina Bica’s lawyer had filed an application for release to the Criminal Court in the Pavas district, on the outskirts of San Jose last Friday. The Office for Technical Assessment and International Relations with the Public Ministry of Costa Rica presented official documents stating that Romania has canceled the extradition request.

In this context, the court decided on Monday to release Elena Udrea and Alina Bica from custody.

Elena Udrea and Alina Bica have been in detention in Costa Rica since October 3, based on Interpol mandates issued at the request of Romania.

Elena Udrea said in an interview with a television station that she was the victim of the system and launched a new attack against President Klaus Iohannis. Elena Udrea also said she does not know if she would return to Romania.

“The madness started after 2014. It started when the system was left free, there was no one else to control it. Iohannis is the creation of the system, Mr. Dragnea believed he was making peace with the system, and that he was a friend of Kovesi and Coldea. The madness has begun in 2014; all the abusive and illegal sentences, which you now see being cancelled by the Constitutional Court, are all after 2014,” Elena Udrea has told Antena 3 TV private broadcaster.

Last weekend Justice Minister Tudorel Toader signed the documents for the release, after the Supreme Court had decided to suspend the sentences in this file, because of the way in which the 5-judge panels were set up.

“For me it was traumatic. I thought I did not cry all my life as much as I cried during the first month there, thinking about the child and the fact that she was alone at home, without me,” Elena Udrea told Romania TV private broadcaster.

About the conditions in the Costa Rican penitentiary, she said that “there is much more freedom.”

“There are prison conditions. There is no preferential regime as we saw it being written. There is no VIP prison wing, there is only one jail for women, for everybody,” the former minister added.

She said she was able to see her little girl during the three months of detention.

The former minister has also denied having been questioned by the FBI.

“I slept in the same bed with Mrs. Bica. That was a problem. Two months we had one bed, fortunately Alina is very slim and we managed to fit in,” Elena Udrea said.

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