Elena Udrea asks for cell revamping

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Elena Udrea, serving a pre-trial jail sentence in the Bucharest Police’s arrest, on Friday asked the police leadership to allow her revamp her cell, on her own expense. More precisely, Udrea wants to dye bars and heating radiators, to change the furniture and to tapestry the walls, Police sources told Mediafax. Elena Udrea made this claim based on the donation law’s stipulations.

According the investigators, Udrea’s request is to be analyzed by the chief of the Bucharest police arrest next week.

The former Tourism minister was placed under preventive arrest on February 10. Yet, the ruling was not final and Udrea appealed it. Her appeal will be judged at the High Court of Cassation and Justice on Tuesday, February 17.

According to the National Anti-corruption Directorate, Udrea is prosecuted for three influence peddling charges regarding the Microsoft licenses contracts clenched in 2009, regarding the e-Romanian contract course and regarding the receiving of EUR 500,000, as well as for money laundering.

In Microsoft file, Udrea is accused she asked EUR 500,000 from businessman Dinu Pescariu, former tennis player, in order to “solve some justice-related issues” in his favor.

At the same time, Udrea and her former husband Dorin Cocos would have dissimulated the bribery received for assigning the Microsoft licenses contract by the voluntary conveyance and purchase of several buildings, thus trying to hide the illegal money circuit.

As for the e-Romania contract, the former Tourism minister allegedly received undue benefits of about EUR 3.6 million for using her influence so that the payments of the contract would be unblocked.

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