Elena Udrea confirms she is in Romania, willingly giving up the refugee status

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Elena Udrea has confirmed in a Facebook post on Monday evening that she had come back to Romania from Costa Rica and that she had willingly given up the refugee status, arguing she can defend herself better in Romania. The former minister has entered the country through Giurgiu customs office.

Yes, I’ve come back to Romania. I have willingly given up the refugee status in Costa Rica. I have taken this decision immediately after I had been released from prison in December, but also due to some objective reasons for which the departure occurred now: the conclusion of the ID papers of my daughter, Eva, and the conclusion of the extradition procedure. I chose to ask for protection in Costa Rica because I had just found out I was pregnant and the evolution of the Bute Gala case proved to be an execution, not a fair trial, based on the law. I wanted to give birth to my child in safety, but you know I have been arrested when Eva was 13 days old and only God wanted me to deliver her earlier so that she is coming to the world at liberty,” Udrea posted on Facebook.

Udrea argued she had waited for the right time to return to Romania.

“As I have always said, I never wanted to live anywhere else than in my country and I’ve been looking forward the moment of my return. I want to raise my child at home, to baptize her in the church where I prayed to become a mother, with my family and with those close to us,” the former minister added.

She also referred to her files. “Regarding the trials pending in court, I think I’ll be able to defend myself better here than far away, against the abuses also existing in my case. I chose to post this message out of respect for those interested in me and for the media that tried to find out the truth about my presence Home. I know that media is of good faith and want to inform their audience correctly,” Udrea concluded her message, also adding she has entered Romania through Giurgiu Customs Office on Monday at 6 a.m.
I have chosen the faster version than to wait a flight to Otopeni today. Any other speculation is pointless“, Udrea said.

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