Elena Udrea gets away with the seizure on her assets in the file on financing the 2009 electoral campaign

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Bucharest Court of Appeal have admitted on Friday the appeal filed by former Tourism minister Elena Udrea against the seizure placed by the National Anti-corruption Directorate on her assets. The ruling is final. Anti-corruption prosecutors had seized Udrea’s assets in a file related to the financing of the 2009 electoral campaign.

DNA had charged Udrea with money laundering in a file related to the financing of the electoral campaign for presidential elections in 2009, mpre precisely there were four charges of money laundering related to her as the person that had ‘unofficially’ dealt with the electoral campaign of former President Traian Basescu.

The former ministerof Tourism and Regional Development at that time was accused that during October-November 2009, she determined Gheorghe Nastasia, the ministry’s secretary general at that time, to ask and receive almost RON 1 million from a businessman, in exchange for assigning him contracts with the ministry.

Former president Basescu’s eldest daughter, Ioana Băsescu, journalist Dan Andronic, Gheorghe Nastasia, Victor Tarhon and Silviu Wagner had been sent to court next to Udrea.

The contracts, worth almost EUR 50 M, had been concluded with local authorities financed by the Tourism Ministry in the view of building skiable domains and installing gondolas within the programme known as „Skiing in Romania”, DNA says.

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