Elena Udrea left Costa Rica, she is allegedly in Romania

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Former minister Elena Udrea, investigated for corruption in Romania, has left Costa Rica, the country where she had taken refuge since early 2018. Businessman Cornel Tabacaru, who has been living in Costa Rica for several years and who is a close acquaintance of Udrea, confirmed that Udrea left Costa Rica, allegedly heading London. However, a local TV channel reported that the former minister of Tourism had been seen in the San Jose Airport ready to get on board of a flight to Frankfurt.

As far as we know, as we haven’t talked to her, she was supposed to get on board for London and return to Costa Rica. But the fact the photo captured her with her mother and little girl means she changed her plans 2-3 days ago. Legally, by the law in Costa Rica, she is banned from returning in the origin country (…) As far as I heard about her plans, she did not intend to stay in Costa Rica anymore, her intention was to return to Romania, to drop the asylum-seeker application, in the idea that things are ok in Romania legally speaking and the authorities would not prepare another file, like in Mazare’s case. But if she is aboard the flight to London, I can guarantee that she is coming back to Costa Rica”, said Cornel Tăbăcaru.

According to Digi24, a Romanian has caught Udrea on camera in the airport of San Jose, next to her mother and daughter. The three have got on board at the economy class of a plane flying to Frankfurt.

There is no information yet about Udrea’s destination from Frankfurt. but sources close to her said she is in Romania. The father of her daughter has repeatedly stated that they would like to baptise their girl in Romania.

Elena Udrea was arrested together with Alina Bica in Costa Rica in October last year, based on an arrest warrant released by Interpol upon Romania’s request. The two were though released around Christmas, after the Romanian Constitutional Court ruled that the 5-judge panels of the Supreme Court that gave a verdict in Udrea’s case had been illegally established.

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