Elena Udrea – out of judicial control


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Former Minister Elena Udrea is out of the judicial control and may leave the country, according to a final decision by the High Court for Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court), in the file in which she is investigated along with Ioana Basescu, the last one in which she had a preventive measure.

Former minister and MP Elena Udrea, Ioana Basescu, ex-president Basescu’s daughter and journalist Dan Andronic were prosecuted since May 24, 2017 by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors in the file regarding the funding of the election campaign in 2009,.

In the file covered by the communiqués no. 1210/VIII/3 of September 22, 2016 and no. 1270/VIII/3 of October 12, 2016 the prosecutors with the National Anticorruption Directorate – the Section for Fighting Corruption Assimilated to Corruption, ordered the prosecution, under judicial control, of the defendants: UDREA ELENA GABRIELA, NASTASIA GHEORGHE, TARHON VICTOR, BĂSESCU IOANA, WAGNER IOAN SILVIU and ANDRONIC DAN – CĂTĂLIN.

In the indictment, the prosecutors revealed:

“During 2009, in the context of the election campaign for the presidential election, sums of money from corruption, embezzlement and tax evasion were collected, which were later used for payment of services provided during the election campaign. The connection between the people who illegally obtained the money and the service providers related to the campaign was made by defendant Udrea Elena Gabriela. It headed an informal campaign staff of one of the candidates, and from that position she coordinated both the campaign service purchases and those who acted as intermediaries for the payments made so that the money would reach the supplying companies. The payment of the undue benefits was dissimulated by fictitious contracts with companies that actually provided services in the electoral campaign, namely street advertising, poster printing, advertisements in the media, building websites, monitoring the press, organizing shows and performing consulting services,” the indictment informed.

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