Elon Musk finds out similarity between Romania and Chad

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Tesla founder, Elon Musk has posted o Twitter that Romania’s and Chad’s flags are almost similar.

Why aren’t more people talking about this!?“, reads Musk’s tweet.

Many followers replied to him that it is not something unusual that some countries have similar flags, with only small differences in the undertones of the colours or the order of the colours.

Romania’s tricolor flag-blue, yellow and red- has vertical stripes. It dates back to 1861.

Chad has adopted the same flag in 1959 when became independent from France. The African state had initially chosen green, yellow and red, but Mali had the same tricolor, so Chad replaced green by blue.

Other countries that have similar flags are Indonesia and Monaco, while some have the same colours but the reverse order: Ireland and Ivory Coast, Mali and Indonesia, among them.

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