Embassy of Sweden on speculations about deleted video of Kovesi being awarded ‘the Order of the Polar Star’: False claims can spread easily

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The Embassy of Sweden has denied the information launched publicly by several press sources, which claimed that a video with Laura Codruta Kövesi being awarded the Orden of the Polar Star has been deleted when she was dismissed.

The embassy explained what happened in a message posted on its Facebook page:

“About the video made for the ceremony where Laura Codruta Kövesi was awarded the Orden of the Polar Star.

Claims: Yesterday some media channels, (such as Antena 3, Stiripesurse, Evz and others), presented the “news” that the Swedish Embassy deleted a video about Laura Codruta Kövesi, after her dismissal as head of the DNA. According to these media channels, the deletion was made because of her dismissal. Some channels went further speculating about the reasons behind it. The “news” was reproduced in many media channels referring to other media channels as sources.

Facts: The video about Kövesi was made for the ceremony where Laura Codruta Kövesi was given the title as Commander Orden of the Polar Star. It was taken down in 2017, several month after the ceremony, in the same way we regularly take down other material from different events that we put up to temporary promote different events the embassy organises.

Any claims that we took the video because of the dismissal of Kövesi are false. The Swedish embassy is standing behind the decision made by the Swedish king Carl XVI Gustav to award Laura Codruta Kövesi the title as Commander of the Polar Star because of her fight against corruption. (And for anyone that follows our Facebook, you will even see that we remembered the award in a post last week).

It’s not our role to judge how media works. It’s however sad to see that false claims can spread easily with media channels reproducing “news” without verifying the facts behind them. It’s also sad that this statement most probably will receive less attention than the false claims that were spread yesterday.”


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