Emergency landing in Bratislava for Blue Air aircraft on route from Cluj to Dublin

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A Boeing 737-800 aircraft operating a flight from Cluj Napoca to Dublin requested on Wednesday to land at the nearest airport for additional checks. Thus, around 11.40h, the aircraft landed under normal conditions at Bratislava Airport (Slovakia).

“The commander’s decision was made as a precaution, following the activation of some sensors on board the YR-BMP flight, which indicated a possible depressurization of the cabin. The crew informed the passengers on this situation and activated the oxygen masks according to the standard procedures, stiri.tvr.ro informs.

Wednesday at noon, Blue Air was preparing another aircraft to take over the passengers and transport them to their destination. The company will also provide assistance and refreshments (food and drinks).

The situation has never posed risks to the safety of passengers or crew. As soon as the passenger disembarkation is completed, the aircraft will be subject to technical checks,” the company informs in a release.

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