Employees from the strategic sectors, medical staff to get the anti-Covid vaccine first

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Employees from the strategic sectors will be vaccinated against COVID-19 in the first stage, next to the medical staff. In this regard, notes have been sent to all ministries  to identify and define the essential activities and to establish the precise number of people in these sectors, said military doctor Valeriu Ghoerghita, the one who will coordinate the national vaccination campaign against coronavirus in Romania.

He told Europa FM that in establishing the categories that have priority in vaccination has first considered the need of the state to protect vital sectors, and not certain people.

His statement came after mass media published a Health Ministry’s controversial memo sent to all ministries asking them to make lists with the employees who want to get the anti-Covid vaccine expected to reach Romania at the end of December.

Moreover, the Romanian President and PM had initially said that, besides the medical staff, the ones who will get the vaccine in the first instance are the vulnerable people, elderly and those with chronic diseases.

Now, the military doctor that coordinates the vaccination campaign said that in a first stage the vaccine will be administered to the medical workers, employees in the retirement homes and youth centers, and also to the employees in the key sectors, such as transports, energy, food distribution, water, waste management, national defence and education.

People in the risk groups with medical records, elderly and small children will be vaccinated in the second stage.
The anti-COVID vaccine will be available for the rest of the population in a third stage.

“We are talking first about the medical workers, and at the same time it is important to maintain and protect the key sectors oft he economy to make sure the society will function properly (…) Indeed, a memo has been sent to all ministries and institutions under their authority to identify and define those essential activities and the number of people serving these essential activities. Under no circumstances we are starting to get the public servants vaccinated at this moment,” doctor Gheorghita explained.

Romania has 10 million anti-Covid vaccines allotted based on the European Union mechanism so far.

According to preliminary information, the vaccine developed by Pfizer will arrive in Romania somewhere at the end of December, early January and will be stored at Cantacuzino Institute, which is the only one that has the necessary infrastructure to provide the special storage and temperature conditions for the vaccine.

After that the vaccine will be distributed by the Army countrywide.

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine acquired by the European Commission is 95% efficient, equalling the early results from Moderna on Monday, according to an analysis of the final data from their trials. Among first 170 Covid cases in trial, eight had received vaccine and 162 were in placebo group. Read more here.

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